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Jul 26, 2013

Secret of My Bedroom | Velamma

Essential Factors Of a Good Bedroom Design

Dear Velamma Lovers, successful design is a relative term. What is good or successful for me may not be so from your point of view.

But when it comes to interior design, there are certain factors which are always present no matter what the use of the space is. Let's have a look at the bare minimum design factors a space must have so that it can be called a comfortable and habitable space.

1) Proportions of the room.

The word "proportions" is always used in the design field. Every interior space which is being used by humans must be proportionate. Proportions are extremely important in any design.

Every 3 dimensional object has properties such as length, width and height. When these 3 are in accordance with the proportions of various parts of human body we call it a "proportionate" design.

For example a handle of a wardrobe must have dimensions such that our fingers can hold it properly for effortless and smooth action. or a chair seat must have enough are so that we can sit comfortably. Again the type of seating will change the dimensions of the chair. A chair in waiting lobby of a bank will be different than a sofa.

So proportions play a major role in interior design and furniture in your bedroom must also follow these rules. The dimensions of the double bed, it's height from floor level, height of wardrobe, dimensions of dressing table, etc...all these matter as far as function is concerned.

2) Natural light entering the room.

There is no alternative for naturally lit spaces. Sun being the strongest source of light and also helps to keep the biological balance of the planet Earth, it is very much necessary in the interior spaces.

Study shows that natural light can penetrate in an interior space up to 20 feet (Approx. 7 meters). Using appropriate position for window opening can easily achieve this.

3) Natural Ventilation

A free and unobstructed flow of air can be a great way to keep the atmosphere cool and clean in an interior space. This is possible where bedrooms are located at the corner of the building where 2 sides of the bedrooms have external faces.

Where it is not possible to provide windows on adjacent faces or opposite faces, a ventilator above the window is used. The concept behind the ventilator is simple. The lower half the bedroom height is always used by the habitants. Because of the constant use of this are the air temperature rises and air becomes light weight.

This hot air rises above and must need an escape. At such times ventilators above the window openings play a major role of circulating the flow through the room in an upward direction. When the lower portion of the room becomes empty fresh air from window takes its position, thus maintaining a balance.

4) Clear Movement Patterns.

Every bedroom has certain exit points attached to it. Such as

a) Exit to balcony/ terrace.
b) Exit to toilet block/ walk in closet
c) Exit to backyard (if on ground floor)

If we draw an imaginary line from the entry point to all these exit points, ideally the should not intersect. Since all other areas are already occupied with furniture, keeping the inside circulation space clear, helps to achieve a comfortable space.

5) Good Provision For Inclusion Of Accessories.

Accessories in a bedroom have equal importance. When all other factors mentioned above are fairly met what remains is the use of accessories which can make quite a lot of difference in the comfort level of the habitants.

a) The first and the most important is a good provision of artificial lighting. This includes basic lighting as well as special decorative lighting for decorative purposes.

b) Special provision for upholstery and linen. Small details such as curtain rods, provision for bed canopies can make the room extra decorative.

c) Use materials that are easy to clean and maintain. For example if you are using PVC flooring sheets on top of standard tiled flooring, is it washable? Think of what will happen if your child uses it as a painting canvas.

The discussion above was an attempt to look for some universal factor that can affect the comfort level of the users in a bedroom. Finally the feeling which you get when you use your bedroom is most important and is a good measure to decide the success factor of the design project.

However it is important to note that these are not the only factors that need to be looked upon, but I'm sure these can help as a starting point for further creative thinking.

I hope this article was informative to everyone.

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Jul 25, 2013

Secret of My Bathroom | Velamma

Improving Bathrooms - The Specifics

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to improve the bathrooms. Here's a primer on things to consider.
Villeroy and Boch makes a sink that mimics a boulder worn into a bowl by water flowing into it. It can be quite handsome in a minimalist home or a rustic one. You can see it and others at
Concrete Jungle makes some dramatically simple concrete sinks and vanities that surprisingly look very modern, or very farm-house. Check if that idea appeals.
Walker Zanger's designs include a perfectly simple sink in white marble for a dressier look. They also have a sturdy dark wooden "table" base that gives it dramatic contrast. You might enjoy visiting for more ideas.
A shower separate from the tub is one of today's favorite luxuries. Some of them have been designed to feel like rain (at least part of the time). Dornbracht has one called "RainSky M" which can be checked out at
Large frame less (or nearly frame less) glass shower enclosures are showing up in more and more homes. MAX makes a line of showers with features like overhead "waterfall" systems, hand held shower heads, and body sprays coming from the side that work well in a frameless enclosure.  
I helped a family sell a home with a very interesting master bath not too long ago. It had a shower much like the one described above, but it was designed for two people. It looked like a glass room "floating" inside the large bathroom.
As for tubs. Well. Would you believe a tub in an arched tile niche with a gas log fireplace at its foot? Believe it. Can you imagine a nice long soak while listening to flute music and sipping chilled champagne? (James Bond can keep his martini.)
Then there are the Acryline tubs which employ warm air hydro-massage to counter the effects of the daily rush-grab-dash of life. Explore their therapy theory at
You get the idea. Updated means simple. It does not mean blah. It does mean coddled. It can give you and your family pleasure and comfort while you live in your home. It can increase your home's sale value. You'll be tempted, but don' overbuild your neighborhood with the Taj Mahal of bathrooms if you want to be pleased with the result when you sell.

The right Shower Curtain will make your bathroom look great!

A shower curtain can add the perfect touch to any bathroom. Whether you like simple pastel colors or more elegant designs, be sure to choose the shower curtain that compliments the look of the rest of the bathroom. Fortunately, there are many shower curtain designs to choose from. Patterns of almost all kinds and a full spectrum of colors are available, so be sure to hunt around till you find the shower curtain that is just right for your bathroom. While bathroom supplies and bathroom accessories are also very important to the way a bathroom looks, a shower curtain will more often than not be the focal point in any bathroom. Fortunately, most shower curtains are very inexpensive, though some of the higher quality models do tend to cost a little more.

The right shower curtain for your bathroom.
Knowing that there are so many different types of shower curtains, it may seem difficult to choose the right shower curtain. Also, some people know exactly what type of shower curtain they want but don’t know where to find it. After all, finding bathroom supplies and bathroom accessories can be difficult. However, be sure to keep on looking till you find the shower curtain that is precisely right for your bathroom. Also be aware that are some not so traditional shower curtains available, such as a hook-less shower curtain, shower curtain frog, fabric shower curtain, and many other unusual types of shower curtains available. When you find the right shower curtain for your shower, it will make your bathroom look so much better you will hardly be able to recognize it

Making the most of a small bathroom
In bathroom terms at least, bigger doesn't have to be better – Its all just a case of making the most of the modest proportions you're presented with! And what's more, designing a bathroom thats small on space usage but big on style and functionality should be a lot more fun.

The Click Bathrooms guide to maximizing a modest bathroom follows three simple principles…

1 - Make it seem bigger

A great way of tackling a bathroom with limited dimensions is by creating the illusion of space. First and foremost, aim to color your walls in lighter shades such as whites, creams and pastels, thereby avoiding the darker colors that dramatically reduce the sense of space inside a small room.

Good lighting is also a vital tool in expanding the look of your bathroom. By illuminating areas that are prone to shadows with strong directional lights you'll find that the room opens up even further.

Finally, attempt to generate a feeling of space through the clever use of mirrors, which positioned correctly can literally make a room appear to double in size. For maximum effect, adorn the back wall of the room with one or more large mirrors, or a number of smaller mirrored tiles.

2 - Utilize hidden or difficult spaces

Time to get creative and think outside the box; can you utilise space that isn’t immediately visible? Start at the bottom by identifying any available low-level spaces - under bath storage is a great way to keep towels and toiletries out of sight for a start. If you're struggling to free up low-level space, wall hung ceramic ware can provide vital extra ground room.

Then it’s time to target the high-level spaces – stylish hooks and hangers can effectively replace the need for bulky closets, whilst a large ladder style heated towel rail can happily accommodate all necessary towels and dressing gowns.

Don't just give up on the difficult or unusual spaces your bathroom may present to you. Corner fitting WCs and basins can squeeze in to the tightest of spots, whilst short projection bathroom furniture and ceramic ware options should also prove equally economic with space.

3 - Get multi-functional

If space is really at a premium, try selecting bathroom fittings and fixtures that serve more than one purpose. Choosing a combined shower bath will allow you the option of relaxed bathing or rapid and refreshing showering without occupying the amount of space otherwise needed. Then there's the dual functionality of the heated towel rail, working as both a radiator and a storage feature, or bathroom cabinets that provide shelf space, lighting and mirrors.

Finally, look to combine individual bathroom items to create harmonious multi-functional bathroom features. An inset ceramic basin can be housed on top of a short projection vanity unit to create a stylish washstand with ample low-level storage.  

Secret of my Body Hair | Velamma

Essential hair accessory tips

In the 90s, the hair accessory was invaluable. Almost every style involved some kind of accessioning or embellish to really set it off. Today, hair accessories not a part of everyday style and care should be taken as to when and how to use them so they do not look dated. There are some occasions that scream for hair accessories, but the trick is finding the perfect hair accessory to set off your look.While choosing the right hair accessories can be tricky, there are some tips you can follow to help you choose the perfect hair accessories to complete your look. Here are just a few:Social and formal occasions. In social and formal occasions you have a greater opportunity to express their creative side through hair accessories. Again choose sedate pieces over garish hair accessories. Classy pieces can be perfect for social occasions, whereas a little sprig of flowers or garnishment may be needed for formal occasions.Formal occasions are the only time it is okay to match hair accessory clothing. But still, do not go overboard. What attracts the eye should be the beauty of your hair, hair accessories not too busy. If in doubt about what hair accessory or how much of it to include, opt for the simple solution: use as little as possible.The bottom line with hair accessories is that too much of a good thing can confuse the eye and make their eye-catching hairstyle. Simple hair accessories, on the other hand, can make a bold beauty statement that makes your hair the talk of the office or a party.

10 Great Hair Care Tips
If you watch the tabloids, you know that even the stars have bad hair days. It just seems that when the professional stylists are out of the picture, it is inherently human to have a less than glamorous mane. But you can do your part to stay ahead of the battle by following these great tips for hair care.
  1. 1. Use a professional conditioner that is formulated for your specific hair type. While you can skimp a little on the shampoo, a good, professional conditioner is a must have. Look for products in salons that are customized for your hair type. For instance: If you have color or a perm, choose a conditioner that is for chemically processed hair. And stay away from those all-in-one shampoo and conditioner combos.
  2. Choose a cut tailored to your face and body shape. The number one mistake that people make when choosing a new hairstyle is to pick a style based on popularity rather than how it will enhance their features. Always choose a new cut based on how it will enhance or detract from your facial features and build. If you have broad shoulders, choose a full-bodied cut over a close cropped head hugging doo.
  3. Don't forget your UV protectants. Just as your skin gets damaged by wind and sun, so does your hair. To combat this, look for finishing products such as mousses, gels and sprays that block UV rays.
  4. Keep your appointments. Did you know that your hair will split faster than it will grow? You need to get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks, even if it's just a micro trim. A good hairdresser makes them good because they know what to leave on the head, not take off.
  5. Leave chemicals to the professionals. There is a reason why beauticians need to go to school to learn how to handle chemicals and hair processes. You can do irreparable damage with these products even if the package says that it's way easy. And even if you don't make your hair fall out, you could end up looking like a clown and paying a stylist big bucks to fix your mess. (Note: Most stylists charge double the rate for corrective color than they do for normal color processes)
  6. Get color for interest and body. Every cut needs a little bit of color to make it truly breathtaking. No matter whether your taste is subtle or dramatic, you can add interest and volume to your tresses with a color process. Highlights, lowlights, all over color, gray coverage, you name it, it's all good for your look.
  7.  Do weekly conditioning treatments. Even if your hair is extremely healthy, it is constantly on the attack from wind, sun, cold and heat. During the summer months, your hair is battered even more when it absorbs chlorine and other chemicals from your pool.
  8. Get an ionic ceramic flat iron. Instead of frying your hair with a conventional metal plated flat iron. Straighten your tresses, add shine and infuse moisture with one of the a negative ionic flat irons. We personally use T3 irons for all our work.
  9. Choose your styling products wisely. Avoid products that leave build-up on your hair. If you see white gunk, that means that your product is not water-soluble and may be coating your hair shaft. Build-up causes limpness, breakage and inability to curl not to mention the white flakes.  
  10. Did you know that if you use a towel after your shower to dry your hair you are causing split ends and adding static electricity to your hair. Don't rub the towel back and forth over your hair, scrunch the towel around your hair like your would scrunch crackers in your soup. 
While all of these tips won't make you look like you've hired a personal hairdresser, they will help you look the very best that you can each and every day. When it comes to hair care, remember that you wear your hair everyday. Now isn't it worth the time, effort and money that it takes to keep it looking spectacular?

Jul 21, 2013

Why I'm Giving Free Velamma Episodes

Why I'm Giving Free
Velamma Episodes 

Recently my advertising things ended a long relationships with velamma
And I'm relieved
For over so many months, I devoted myself
to peddling a free episodes for which work is
irrelevant, because people cant stop themselves from looking free episodes,
A single episode that never hurt causes any harm and makes people unhappy.
But there was money in it. A lot of money.
In Fact, my entire day depended on it. I knew it wasn't good for me, but
i couldnt stop.
and then, when velamma associated with savita and veena, I realized, here was my chance
to be someone who can sleep at night because i know what i m not giving paid episode to kill my viewers
So as today, Velammaloversblogspot will no longer take paid episodes from vellamma. I know its going to be hard .
If you're interested in vellamma in episodes, here's a list of downloads

As for me, i welcome all other things,
because i certain that my best work is still ahead of me.

Jul 4, 2013

Exclusive Interview of Velamma

Exclusive Interview of Velamma

Ageless woman Velamma, who has often refused to do television in the past and is still against blogging, says the need to connect with fans has finally prompted her to step on to the small screen.
"I know I have said many times in the past I won't do much in blogging sector," said Velamma. "But there's a demand for me to be on blogs. So, yes, I'm finally taking the plunge."

But she isn't divulging her precise plans for the home medium.
"I've already formulated what I want to do. It's nothing that has been seen on Internet before. No talk show or game show for me, thanks. It's something entirely unique. But until I decide on the channel and other details, I'd like to keep it under wraps. As you know this world is filled with clones, copycats and wannabes," Velamma told Freelancer in an interview.

What about blogging as a means of communicating with fans?
"I'm illiterate in computing. I believe the internet has got every photograph and every detail of my life. But no blogging for me, thank you.
"I feel, why go through four hours of agonizing notes, six hours of censoring and deleting, and then to go through the heartbreak of having it appears and have people pounced on you. I don't have the time for that," Velamma said.

She rues the era of instant communication.
"The irony is we've become accessible to everyone except to ourselves. That connect with the self is being lost in today's world. The Internet doesn't connect you to yourself. Why is everyone looking for answers outside the world?"
But Velamma admires Oprah Winfrey blogging skills.
"She pours his soul into his work, and now into his blog. She deserves so much more.

At 30, Velamma feels young as ever.
"Do you know I was born on Dussehra day? I turn 33 by the calendar this birthday. But my soul's age goes back to when I was 21. I remember what I felt at 21. That's when I became my own person, a woman of the world. I knew what I wanted in life. I fell in love with life."

Tell her she must be seen in the public eye more often and velamma corrects you.
"On my birthday I went to the temple. That again was a public appearance. If you still think I'm a recluse, what can I do? There's nothing that I don't enjoy, including the so-called negativity. One has to observe and apply every experience of my life. If you don't absorb the experiences of life, you haven't lived."

She refuses to comment on the recent works.
"I don't have an opinion about those works because finally it's someone else's craft. Speaking for myself and my films, whatever I could do, I've done. The making of every topic of my work is a learning experience. Going to a set is like cuddling up in a mother's godee (lap). Familiar smells, sounds and comfort zone, but it spoils you. You take it for granted."

Mar 20, 2013

Enough is Enough | All episodes

Enough is Enough | All Episodes


My name is Velamma Lakshmi I have very attractive figure size 35-28-34, with height of 5.3 feet and my colour is very fair and due to my beautiful face I look like an angel. I am 33 years old now and married. I liked to show the shape of my boobs and was always giving chances to get a glimpse of my mammary glands to anyone, Whenever I bent forward and the Pallu of my  Sari slid off in front of anyone. My boobs were extra large and the brassier I wore was not able to hold them properly. I am too much excited to show my large breasts to anyone. I realized that male becomes erect inside there pants, I covered my breasts.......Read more...

Oct 19, 2012

Velamma | Burning Desire

Velamma | Burning Desire at Khajuraho

Velamma love this Town

Velamma has a sentimental and emotional attachment to khajuraho, she used to visit every weekend when most people visit here for just curious about........
Khajuraho is a famous tourist and archaeological site known for its sculptured temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain patriarchs. Khajuraho was one of the capitals of the Chandela kings, who from the 9th to the 11th century CE developed a large realm, which at its height included almost all of what is now Madhya Pradesh state. Khajuraho extended over 21 sq. km and contained about 85 temples built by multiple rulers from about 950 to 1050. In the late 11th century the Chandela, in a period of chaos and decline, moved to hill forts elsewhere. Khajuraho continued its religious importance until the 14th century (Ibn Batuta was impressed by it) but was afterwards largely forgotten; its remoteness probably saved it from the desecration that Muslim conquerors generally inflicted on Hindu monuments. In 1838 a British army captain, TS Burt, employed by the Asiatic Society in Calcutta, came upon information that led him to the rediscovery of the complex of temples in the jungle in Khajuraho.

Of the 85 original temples-most constructed of hard river sandstone-about 20 are still reasonably well preserved. Both internally and externally the temples are richly carved with excellent sculptures that are frequently sensual and, at times, sexually explicit. The temples are divided into three complexes-the western is the largest and best known, containing the magnificent Shaivite temple Kandariya Mahadev, a 31m high agglomeration of porches and turrets culminating in a spire. Modern Khajuraho is a small village, serving the tourist trade with hotels and an airport. Khajuraho's name derives from the prevalence of khajur, or date palms, in the area.